18 2020.11

How to take care of suede shoe leather

Nowadays, many people wear suede shoes and leather shoes, but these shoes are also very dirty and damaged. Therefore, how to maintain and maintain suede shoe lining leather has become a burden for people.
12 2020.11

Maintenance of microfiber shoe inner leather

Pay attention to maintenance when using microfiber shoe lining leather. What are the specific maintenance details of the microfiber shoe lining leather? Let me give you a detailed introduction.
18 2020.08

What is the difference between Dingdao microfiber and synthetic leather material

Dingdao Microfiber has the advantages of abrasion resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture and good-looking product design.
14 2020.08

What are the product characteristics of Dingdao Microfiber?

The production technology of fixed island superfiber is formed on the basis of the development of the production technology of amorphous island superfine fiber and composite spinning module, which is also the development direction of superfine fiber.
03 2020.08

Unfixed Island Microfiber Technology (1)

Indefinite island microfiber suede leather 1. Spinning, splitting and backing.
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