How to take care of suede shoe leather



​如今,许多人穿着绒面鞋里革皮鞋,但这种鞋也很脏也很破损。 因此,绒面鞋里革如何保养和保养已成为人们的负担。 下面将介绍几个方面来教你如何处理,并告诉你如何保养绒面鞋里革鞋子。绒面鞋里革不要直接用布擦拭:那只会变得越来越脏,造成无法挽回的后果。由于麂皮表面的不平整特性,细小的灰尘不仅会被布直接摩擦到绒头棉纤维的底部,而且会被擦到脏处以外的地方,从而扩大了脏处。绒面鞋里革可以用软刷清洁:当绒面鞋里革


Nowadays, many people wear suede shoes and leather shoes, but these shoes are also very dirty and damaged. Therefore, how to maintain and maintain suede shoe lining leather has become a burden for people. The following will introduce several aspects to teach you how to deal with it, and tell you how to maintain suede shoes.


Do not wipe the lining leather of suede shoes directly with a cloth:
It will only get dirty and cause irreparable consequences.
Due to the uneven surface of the suede, the fine dust will not only be rubbed directly to the bottom of the pile cotton fiber by the cloth, but will also be wiped to places other than the dirty area, thereby enlarging the dirty area.
The lining leather of suede shoes can be cleaned with a soft brush:

When there is a lot of dust and dirt on the leather upper of suede shoes, please make sure that the upper is dry, and then gently rub the upper back and forth with a soft brush.


Use rubber to remove oil stains in suede shoes:
If you accidentally get oil stains from hot pot, barbecue, etc., for oil stains that are not suitable for wiping, just clean and rinse with a soft brush dipped in soap solution.
For oil stains that are not particularly stubborn, you can also try to wipe directly with an eraser, the effect is particularly obvious.


When the leather in the suede shoe is dry and the damaged area is not repaired, use a knife to repair the damaged area, taking care not to cause secondary damage. Microfiber also pay attention.
When maintaining microfiber lining leather and suede lining leather shoes, you can use a full brush to clean the upper to remove dust, and the mud can restore the surface of the microfiber lining leather and suede lining leather to a certain extent. Fluff, keep the upper clean, which is very effective for removing the upper. Scratches and damage.
First use paper towels to absorb the moisture on the surface of the shoes, and then stuff some waste newspaper balls into shoes or other paper with good water absorption hardness (can be replaced multiple times in the middle), put it upright and put it down. Newspaper is to shape shoes. Change its shape and let it dry naturally. According to ventilation, it usually takes 2-3 days. Dingdao Microfiber and Shandong Microfiber are also very good.


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