Unfixed Island Microfiber Technology (1)




Indefinite island microfiber suede leather 1. Spinning, splitting and backing. In the front are high-viscosity polyethylene knots and low-density polyethylene, which are melted under certain temperature and conditions, and form an island-like structure through the jet plate. Masterbatch and common solvents can be added if necessary. Indefinite island microfiber suede. The back refers to the formation of short fibers. The yarn can be used through processes such as system, oil, crimping, drying, and cutting.
Factors affecting island structure: viscosity ratio, rotation speed, radiation temperature, common agent, static mixer, cooling temperature and cooling part, radiation plate aperture and aspect ratio
Factors affecting fineness: metering pump, speed
Factors affecting strength: composition ratio, island continuity, silk traction
Factors affecting elongation rate: institutional ratio
Factors affecting the surface properties of fibers: oil components (fungal factors, types of active ingredients), constant flow, etc.
2. Non-woven fabric
Production process:
Open the package, metering and feeding, coarsely opening the large silo, the feeding surface, loosening the tower, opening the machine, measuring the feeding surface, combing packaging, needle-punching coiler jam
The externally processed short fibers are measured with a metering injection machine. The measured short fibers enter the coarse pulper. After the initial mixing is released, the fan enters the multi-bin cotton adding machine, and is sent to the rectifier on the bottom conveyor belt for more mixing. open. After the indefinite island microfiber suede, the fiber is sent to the material separator by a blower, where a certain amount of cotton is stored. The fibers of the material separator are sent to the tufts by a fan. In the teeth, a uniform surface layer is formed horizontally and vertically, and then enters the carding machine to form two layers of fiber nets, which are overlapped and enter the nets. The net is laid, folded to the specified number of layers, and then passed through 5-6 needles to form a three-dimensional cross nonwoven fabric. The non-woven fabric is smoothed by the ironing roller at the temperature specified by the ironing mobile phone to form a hand-ironing cloth with a certain thickness and density.
3. Basic cloth processing
The tooth process is located in the middle part of the superfine synthetic leather production line, and is one of the important processes for producing the basic structural characteristics of superfine synthetic leather. For qualified high-density non-woven fabrics produced by the non-woven fabric group, the dipping solution sent from Zhao Ji's process is used for dipping, and then coagulated, washed with water, and various conditions are adjusted to form a synthetic leather with tiny or huge pores. The gas structure determines the touch and various physical properties of the final product. Indefinite island microfiber suede


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