What are the product characteristics of Dingdao Microfiber?




The production technology of fixed island superfiber is formed on the basis of the development of the production technology of amorphous island superfine fiber and composite spinning module, which is also the development direction of superfine fiber. At present, whether it is fixed-island filament or fixed-island microfiber products, its main application field is the development of high-end textile fabrics, such as suede.
After years of R&D and exploration, several companies have the production and application information technology of Dingdao staple fiber. From a performance point of view, synthetic leather products, the islands given by the microfiber denier have some islands microfibers and uniform fineness characteristics. Therefore, products made from the island microfiber synthetic leather are related to various aspects. Imitation leather style, mechanical properties and dyeing performance have been greatly improved, and the development of high-end synthetic leather products is very attractive, especially for the development of clothing.
At present, most of my country’s corporate management of fixed island microfibers adopts alkali reduction technology for social production. The main reason is that environmental protection is considered on the one hand, and it also caters to market demand and future economic development trends in the chemical fiber industry. Especially the export trade market has increasingly strict requirements for green ecology and environmental protection. Therefore, the use of reduced production of a given island of microfiber, on the one hand, is to ensure the production of high-end microfiber technology, and at the same time to ensure the environmental protection requirements of the final product, which provides a basic guarantee for the sustainable development of the company’s products. The development of the microfiber island also takes into account the subsequent processing of ultrafine fiber products, including large-scale displacement technology, dyeing technology, etc.
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