What is the difference between Dingdao microfiber and synthetic leather material




Dingdao Microfiber has the advantages of abrasion resistance, cold resistance, breathability, aging resistance, soft texture and good-looking product design. It has become an ideal material to replace traditional natural leather. The difference between Dingdao microfiber and synthetic leather materials is: different processes, different raw materials, and different uses.
The difference between Dingdao superfiber and synthetic leather is the different technology. Superfine fiber: Superfine fiber is a kind of nylon superfine fiber with the same structure and performance as the natural collagen fiber in natural leather. It is made into a three-dimensional net through post-processing. The non-woven fabric of the shape structure, the polyurethane with excellent refilling performance and open microporous structure is prepared. Synthetic leather: The synthetic leather is impregnated with non-woven fabric in the mesh layer, and the microporous polyurethane layer is prepared as a particle layer.
The difference between Dingdao microfiber and synthetic leather is the different raw materials
1. Fixed island microfiber: The raw material of microfiber is the leftover material of cowhide, which can be broken into leather pulp made of resin material in proportion.
2. Synthetic leather: Non-woven fabric at the end of synthetic fiber based on synthetic leather material, reinforced by the middle fabric, and impregnated with collagen fiber in a polyurethane elastomer solution similar to natural leather.
The difference between Dingdao microfiber and synthetic leather material lies in the different uses
There are many varieties of synthetic leather. In addition to the common development characteristics of important synthetic fiber non-woven fabric base and polyurethane microporous surface layer, synthetic leather of various methods has different non-woven fiber product varieties and processing and production process requirements. It is more than a natural leather in terms of performance, quality uniformity, adaptability analysis of large-scale production and processing technology, and building waterproof and mildew resistance.
The addition of ultrafine fibers to the PU polyurethane ultrafine fibers further enhances the toughness, air permeability, and abrasion resistance, and has excellent wear resistance, excellent cold resistance, air permeability, and aging resistance.


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